Memory Bears & Memory Jewellery

Memory Jewellery

I offer a vast selection of sterling silver jewellery for both ladies and gentlemen. I’ll explain a little about each below.

Executive Range

These are beautiful hand crafted ladies rings, they can be made in any size and are a thicker silver than all my other ranges of jewellery. Ashes or a lock of hair can be encapsulated into any ring. You also choose the colour of the stone and how the ashes or lock of hair is presented within.

Please note: Some blonde/white hair can not always be visible inside the stone.

The rings in this section really are superior quality and stunningly beautiful.

Original Range

All items within this range are 925 sterling silver and simply are beautiful. Ashes or a lock of hair can be added to any piece. Colour and how they’re presented is completely your choice too. If a necklace is your choice of jewellery then please don’t forget to let me know the length of the chain you’d like.